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Dear Church...

Dear Church,

Let's truly be the body. Let's truly be the voices of reason and change. Let's be a people that plant seeds of love, hope, and true justice. Let's never ignore the voices and tears of the oppressed, marginalized, and disowned, but do all we can to help them heal and turn their mourning into joy. Let us never forget the feeling of empathy and the humanity shown by our savior. For God became one of us to win us.Thus so, Jesus descended down from heaven and bore a cross to grant us freedom. Jesus was a constant example of perseverance and overcoming hatred with love. Let us be fully engaged in loving our neighbors as ourselves. For we cannot say we love God with all of heart, soul, and mind and hate who God has created. Let constantly examine ourselves and the ways we can be better. Ways in which we can true imitations of Christ. Let us not be silent about racism, discrimination, and prejudice. But be a roaring voice in the fight for equality. Let us not idly stand by while communities and people are ravaged by suffering due to a broken system. But let's choose to walk with those who've never had a fair shot at running the race. Let us strive to revitalize the disenfranchised and broken neighborhoods. This in one way is reflective of Christ 's resurrection from the grave which brought hope,delight and purpose to our fractured world. I am asking that we choose to be the true face of unity and not a body of segregation. That we would make a conscious effort to truly champion diversity. Let us not allow division to trample us. Let us compassionately come to the round table and dialogue ideas to truly be the bridge for change. In this we honor God in the grandest way, by showing love to one another. Let us not only be the city on the hill but a city that invites everyone. Let us be the difference as we were truly meant to be.


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