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Belief Vs Unbelief

Unbelief can be a very powerful. It can hold you back from so many great things that await you. it can paralyze you and leave you in a state of regret and even fuel bitterness.The constant thought of what if and what could have been can echo loudly and can serve as an nuisance. But belief... belief can propel you to uncharted territory. Places that you couldn't even imagine but at very same time, places you didn't think were too far away with God. Belief makes dreams and promises reality. Belief takes inner thoughts and makes them physical. It's crucial that in this walk of faith, we are charged by belief. Not just in the idea but in the God who makes the idea possible. He never withholds anything from those who have unbreakable faith in his promises. He is never one to fail us. Never one to leave us. NEVER. Fear only holds us back, but belief slingshots us to the realm of endless possibilities. God got us. Let's believe that.

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